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Taylor Swift fans go wild after noticing apparent ‘hickey’ on Travis Kelce’s neck

So scarlet it was maroon.

Some Swifties are convinced that Taylor Swift left a hickey on boyfriend Travis Kelce prior to the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the New England Patriots on Dec. 17.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Kelce seemingly had a dark red love mark on his neck in some of the photos from the game, which have since made their rounds on social media.

“A mark on Travis’ neck,” one fan tweeted alongside an up-close photo of the NFL star, while another user added, “TAYLOR LEFT A HICKEY ON TRAVIS???? QUEENNNNNNN.”

“WAIT TAYLOR GAVE TRAVIS A HICKEY ?!?” a third excitedly asked.

Some people believe Taylor Swift left a love mark on Travis Kelce earlier this month. AP
The NFL star had a small bruise on his neck during his game against the New England Patriots earlier this month. Getty Images

Meanwhile, other people took to TikTok to share their thoughts about Kelce’s suspiciously placed bruise — including sports commentator Pat McAfee.

“It did look like he had a hickey right there on his neck,” the former football player said in a clip from his morning show. “That made me think, ‘Him and Taylor are just having fun.'”

Although his co-hosts agreed that the mark appeared to be a hickey, other fans suggested that it was simply a bruise sustained during the physical game.

Swift was also at the game alongside her dad and some friends. Getty Images

“It wasn’t there during warm-up. It’s a scrape from the game,” one person claimed. “C’mon guys, are we 12?”

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“It happened during the game, it wasn’t there during pregame,” a second user agreed.

“Those types of marks are very common among football players because of the shoulder pads rubbing,” a third added.

The “Cruel Summer” singer, 34, secretly started dating the tight end, also 34, over the summer and the pair went public with their romance in September after she showed up to the Chiefs’ game against the Chicago Bears.

Since then, Swift has attended nearly half of Kelce’s games — including the one against the Patriots.

The 12-time Grammy winner took up her typical spot in a suite for the matchup alongside her father, Scott Swift.

However, other fans suggested that the bruise was a result of the physical game and claimed Kelce didn’t have the mark before the matchup. Getty Images

Despite receiving a handful of boos from the crowd, Taylor’s focus remained on the game as she cheered on her hunky beau alongside new pal Brittany Mahomes and Ashley Avignone.

Taylor dressed for the cold weather in a white-and-red beanie with Kelce’s jersey number and a Chiefs crewneck sweatshirt.

Although the game took place a week before the holidays, the father-daughter duo got into the Christmas spirit a little early — handing out cake to other fans and giving the stadium staff a very generous tip.

The NFL star and the pop star started dating over the summer. Instagram/patty_cuts

A few days later, Kelce addressed his girlfriend’s presence at the game on his “New Heights” podcast, admitting he was “trying to keep it cool” and not “show [his] cards” when she was shown on the Jumbotron.

“They showed Taylor at the game,” the tight end told brother Jason Kelce. “You don’t see an entire home team fan base go insane for someone wearing the opposite colors.

“Just shows you how amazing that girl is,” he gushed. “They went absolutely insane when they showed Taylor on the screen.”

Swift has since become something of a staple at the tight end’s games. Getty Images

While Travis often drops little hints about his romance with the singer on the podcast, some fans believe Taylor may be making a surprise cameo on the Dec. 29 bonus episode.

On Wednesday, the brothers revealed they would be releasing a special “family edition” of their popular show for the holidays — yet kept mum on exactly who would be included.

However, that didn’t stop Swifties from trying to “manifest” that Taylor would be included in the episode, which the NFL stars said would have a “revolving door of Kelce family members coming through to talk.”