Kim Kardashian accused of having two thumbs in holiday ‘Photoshop fail’

Kim Kardashian is facing another “Photoshop fail” after being accused of having a second thumb on her hand in one of her Christmas party snaps.

At first glance, the Skims founder, 43, appears to be clasping her hands together as she smiles alongside daughter North West in the Instagram post shared Tuesday.

However, her followers debated whether that was actually the case or if Kardashian had once again fallen victim to a bad editing job.

“Why do you have two thumbs in pic 4?” one fan asked in the comment section.

“It screams AI mishap,” another person wrote, while a third remarked, “Lol we all know Kim is notorious for editing.”

But not everyone was convinced that it was a Photoshop mistake.

Kim Kardashian has been accused of another “Photoshop fail” after fans noticed what appears to be two thumbs on her hand. Instagram/@kimkardashian
Fans debated whether the snap was bad editing or just an optical illusion. Instagram/@kimkardashian

“Her fists are together,” another user wrote, while someone else pointed out that the reality star’s left shoulder and arm appear to go “behind her back.”

The mom of four hasn’t publicly addressed the claims, but this definitely isn’t the first time she’s been called out for allegedly editing her photos.

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In April, the “Kardashians” star was accused of editing a mirror selfie after eagle-eyed fans noticed her middle finger was missing from the photo.

“Lol why was this picture edited much?!…. right side finger was erased and the inner thighs on the left pixelated due to trims.. 😂😂😂,” one fan wrote.

The reality star has been accused of poorly editing her photos multiple times in the past. caroline_in_thecity/TikTok
In April, Kardashian appeared to be missing fingers in a mirror selfie. Instagram/@kimkardashian

Fans also caught onto an “unnecessary” edit the reality star made to a Getty Images photo taken in June at the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show.

Grabbing the original photo, fans were able to compare the changes Kardashian made to the snap before sharing it online.

“Imagine spending all that money in surgeries, all that dieting and time in the gym, and STILL not being happy with yourself,” one person commented at the time.

The reality star has not publicly commented on the latest accusations. Instagram/@kimkardashian

And back in August 2022, Kardashian was accused of making another strange edit — this time seemingly removing her trapezius muscle from a photo.

“Kim K is notorious for Photoshopping out her traps,” one TikTok user explained in a video as she reversed the edits on the image.

“Why? I don’t know, maybe it makes her neck look smaller?”