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We Hear Quick Fix

“We Hear: Quick Fix” is a short week-in-review summary from Page Six’s legendary celebrity gossip podcast, “We Hear.” Chief Reporter Francesca Bacardi breaks down the biggest celebrity news stories of the week, including The Joy of Six, the most satisfying piece of gossip. We Hear all the juiciest celebrity dirt from our exclusive sources…. and you hear the story behind the story! Subscribe to the Quick Fix.




Virtual reali-tea logoVirtual Reali-Tea

Page Six spills the juiciest reality TV news every week on “Virtual Reali-Tea.” In case you missed any of your favorite shows or any of “The Real Housewives’ ‘ drama, we’ve got you covered. The series features exclusive interviews, inside scoop and iconic reality show guests. Tune in as we gossip about “Summer House,” “Vanderpump Rules,” “The Kardashians” and more! Check it out every Friday with our hosts: the dynamic duo, Evan Real and Danny Murphy. You can catch your weekly dose of “Reali-tea” on and in your social feed. And check out our weekly newsletter, “Housewives Hangover” that features the series. Evan Real currently serves as Sr. TV Reporter at Page Six, where he interviews top reality TV talent. Danny Murphy is a comedian, host and content creator for Page Six.



Amazin' But True cover

Hooked up to Hitched

Ever wonder how your favorite celebrity couples met? Page Six’s Eileen Reslen and Brian Faas break down the relationship timelines of all the hottest stars. Find out all their juicy dating details, from messy exes to their romantic road to the altar. Plus, our hosts dissect why these famous duos work.