Kyle Richards reveals her current weight after denying Ozempic use: It’s not my ‘revenge body’

Kyle Richards revealed she weighs 117 pounds after reaching her “heaviest” of 132 pounds on a trip to Italy in 2022.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star told Us Weekly Wednesday she has no desire to lose more weight after completely changing her lifestyle.

“I need to change up my workouts because my body has become accustomed,” she explained.

“I have this trainer — @corygfitness on Instagram — and he’ll email me a routine. You have to keep changing it constantly, otherwise the progress will halt.”

Richards, who is committed to exercising every day, said she typically drinks a protein shake for breakfast and snacks on apples with peanut butter or a string cheese.

She also said she doesn’t see herself drinking alcohol again after being sober for more than a year. kylerichards18/Instagram
The “RHOBH” star added strength training and running into her regular routine of hiking and spinning. kylerichards18/instagram

She also consumes a lot of fish and grilled chicken for dinner.

“I like eating at home so I know what’s going into my food,” she shared.

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The sober Bravolebrity, who vehemently has denied using weight-loss drugs such as celeb-beloved Ozempic to shed the pounds, also hit back at claims she has swapped alcohol for fitness.

Richards, seen here in 2022, began her weight-loss journey after returning from a vacation in Italy last year. Getty Images for MTV

“I don’t understand why doing something good for you is looked down upon. I was up at 5 o’clock; why wouldn’t I do something that makes me feel good and gives me energy?” she asked, rhetorically.

“Maybe it’s a reflection of something they don’t like about themselves.”

Richards, 54, said in addition to hiking and spinning, she now lifts weights, runs and does hot yoga to clear her head.

“It’s meant to be an I-feel-good body,” she explained. kylerichards18/Instagram

The reality star also revealed she has not imbibed alcohol since July 15, 2022, and does not miss it.

“I don’t see myself drinking again. I love the way I feel and look,” she said, adding that it is not meant to be a “revenge body” following her split from her estranged husband, Mauricio Umansky, earlier this year.

“It’s meant to be an I-feel-good body,” Richards clarified.