Soon-to-be father-in-law of Mets owner Steve Cohen’s daughter has wild past including allegation he boasted of cocaine orgies

Sophia Cohen may be used to her dad, Mets owner Steve Cohen’s, reputation as a colorful and controversial billionaire here in the US. But it sounds as if her soon-to-be father-in-law is just as kooky a character in Australia.

As Page Six exclusively reported last month, Sofia is engaged to CAA agent Harrison Waterstreet.

Now we hear that Waterstreet’s old man, Charles Waterstreet, is a top lawyer Down Under who — just like Steve — even has a TV drama based on his life.

Meanwhile, Charles faced allegations in 2017 — which he firmly denies — that he’s boasted about threesomes and having women snort cocaine off his body.

It has been widely reported that Charles — a trial lawyer known as a “barrister” in Oz — is the inspiration for the central character on long-running Australian drama “Rake.” (Cohen was the inspiration for hedgefunder antihero Bobby Axelrod in Showtime’s hit “Billions).

Although even that is somewhat controversial. After Charles was accused of sexual harassment, Richard Roxburgh, the actor who plays the lead role on the show told an Australian newspaper: “To be crystal clear, there is no real Rake.”

Sophia Cohen is engaged to CAA agent Harrison Waterstreet, whose father, it turns out, has something of a wild past. Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Charles Waterstreet is a trial attorney and reputedly the inspiration for the TV attorney in Aussie drama “Rake.” Getty Images

The star said that Charles had been given a credit on the show because, “He told us one good story which we adapted and used in an episode in season one. As a result, it was agreed that he should be credited as co-creator.” (He also said that any day he doesn’t hear Charles Waterstreet’s name is a good day.)

To return to the sexual harassment allegations, in 2017 a 21-year-old woman wrote an article for online magazine New Matilda claiming that she had worked for less than a day as a paralegal and personal assistant to the barrister.

Sydney law student Tina Huang claimed that, among other things, Charles had asked her to watch a pornographic video in her job interview and told her that he enjoyed having women snort cocaine off him.

In 2017, a law student accused Charles of sexual harassment, including telling her that he enjoyed having women snort cocaine off his body. He firmly denies harassing her. Fairfax Media via Getty Images

She also claimed that, after she accepted the “confusing” job, he asked her to send emails regarding over-due payments on sex toys.

But Charles wrote a long retort in the Sydney Morning Herald claiming that “the reference to women snorting cocaine off my body is a joke I fondly tell, since I have been sober for 21 years with respect to alcohol and illicit drugs” and that the explicit video in question was not pornography but evidence in a case that was then being heard in court.

Sophia Cohen is the daughter of Mets owner Steve. Twitter/sophiarosecohen

Attorneys for Charles told New Matilda: “We are instructed that the allegations made by Ms Huang are either false factually; false and baseless as to the effect of the conduct being claimed; or out of context considering the circumstances and the involvement of Ms Huang.”

The younger Waterstreet, however, appears to be a far more staid sort.

Groom-to-be Harrison has been an agent in talent giant CAA’s movie division since 2019.